Finding ways for active European citizenship, communicating European issues and challenges, involving people with intellectual or complex disabilities, collecting their opinions in such a way that they are able to express their views on Europe and specific topics - these are the aims of the PINE-D project. This implies: 

  • finding the most modern and appropriate communication forms (AAC) for the discussions with and the involvement of the target group 
  • identifying and collecting the opinions of the target group representatives in relation to the European challenges and their needs for easier and more appropriate participation in Europe. 


These aims will lead to considerable mid- and long-term effects: 

  • methods, which are of suitable quality to reach the target group (e.g. parallel illustrations, graphics ...), will be disseminated to involved parties 
  • an easier way of participation will be developed by using new communication methods
  • members of the target group will learn about Europe, European citizenship, participation opportunities, common values and history in Europe in an appropriate  way  
  • political decision makers will incorporate the opinions and needs identified during the events into the European policy making process. 


In the longer term the outcomes of the project will be of use to in contributing to broader involvement, better active citizenship and a considerable step forward in the implementation of the European Disability Strategy 2010-2020.




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