The PINE-D project aims to improve the conditions for participation and active citizenship of people with intellectual and complex disabilities in the democratic life and society of the European Union. Participation and active citizenship is mentioned as one of the eight core pillars of the European Disability Strategy 2010-2020, and is therefore a crucial issue within the European Union. The project will use most modern and advanced forms of non-verbal communication (Augmentative and Alternative Communication AAC) to implement local discussion and debate events in all partner countries with representatives of the target group as well as with representatives at the policy level. On the basis of three guiding questions, people will be actively involved and engaged. The results of the local events will be documented and at the same time this process will be supported by online discussions.

The outcomes of these activities will contribute to the final event, at which the approaches and conclusions at the national levels will be presented by and to the target group. Furthermore, the final version of a petition will be presented, which will be submitted to the petition committee of the European Parliament for further consideration and action.




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