Polish Association for People with Intellectual Disability

Logo: PSOUUPolskie Stowarzyszenie na Rzecz Osób z Upośledzeniem Umysłowym Koło (Chapter) w Jarosławiu is a non- government, non- profit, self- help organization, which represents the issues of persons with intellectual disabilities, works for them and in the name of these persons as well as their families. The activity of PSOUU Chapter in Jarosław is based on statutory goals, stated as: „ working for the equalization of opportunities for persons with intellectual disabilities, creation of conditions of respect for their human rights, and guidance of persons with intellectual disabilities them towards active participation in social life.
The main activity of PSOUU Chapter in Jarosław covers the area of five districts: Jarosław, Przeworsk, Lubaczów, Leżajsk and Przemyśl. The Chapter carries out individual activities in other districts of Podkarpackie Province. The Chapter realizes an average of 15 projects every year, co-financed from various national, European and other resourced. The Chapter employs 411 people, including multidisciplinary specialists: doctors (in the field of pediatrics, neurology, and medical rehabilitation), physical therapists, speech therapists, psychologists, educators, sociologists, therapists, teachers' assistants, nurses, administration and service workers. The Chapter employs 72 ​​people with disabilities.





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