FormAzione Co&so Network

Logo: FormAzioneFormAzione Co&so Network is a consortium of 10 social cooperatives located in the Province of Florence and works with public procurement institutions such as municipalities or provinces, and manages social services on their behalf. FCN is the only organisation responsible for the tutoring of persons with disabilities during their job insertion pathway according to the Italian regulations to promote employment services. It is a training agency accredited to the Tuscany Region to develop training both funded or on demand; it is quality certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.
FCN is involved as a partner in a Grundtvig multilateral project, entitled Sustainable Network for the Families of Disabled People through e-learning (e-SuNet) and in a Grundtvig Learning Partnership: Community based living and learning (COMBALL). FCN is the promoter of a Grundtvig project: Disability and Active Citizenship (DACTIVE), and was involved in a Grundtvig Learning partnership which addressed the training of families of disabled people.




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